Monday, May 15, 2017

Week of May 15–19

Current Project:

  • Regatta!
  • Brace for Impact!
  • Entry Document

    Learning Targets:

    • Be able to define these terms: 
      • Aperture
      • Shutter speed
      • Exposure
      • Exposure Compensation
      • Metering
    • Identify basic components of a camera
    • Compose photos using exposure compensation and the Rule of Thirds
    • Edit photos


    • standard

This week's agendas:


  • Activity: Regatta Calculations–figure out if your boat will float!


  • Notes: How cameras work
    • Success criteria:Be able to define these terms: Know and define these terms:
      • Aperture
      • Shutter speed
      • Exposure
      • Exposure Compensation
      • Metering
      And answer these questions:
      • How does a camera basically work? Use the terms listed above.
      • When is exposure compensation useful?
      • What is the Rule of Thirds?
  • Activity: Look at your camera's controls
    • Suggested apps for manual camera control:
      • Android:
        • Open Camera
        • VSCO
        • The stock photo app on LG phones has manual controls built in
      • iOs
  • Assignment: Exposure
    • Take three pictures of the same subject using different exposure settings. Insert them into a slideshow, one per slide. Explain how you changed the exposure in each image.



  • Activity: Study for Visual Design Test


Quizzes and Tests:

  • Visual Design: Friday


  • Assignment #1: Exposure
  • Assignment #2:


  • Your notes